What We Learned at SIMA Symposium 2021

SIMA Symposium 2021

Despite this year’s SIMA Symposium feeling a bit different from past tradeshows, we were ecstatic to be back on the floor!

Our team traveled to the Huntington Convention Center of Cleveland in August to connect with Snow Contractors from around the country. We reconnected with some of our long-term Go iLawn users, met with attendees who have never heard of us, and checked out some new industry equipment and software.

So what did we learn?

State of the Industry

Snow contractors have been, still are, and always will be on the front lines of keeping our communities safe. Despite the labor crisis and less-than-average snowfall facing the United States in the last two years, the snow industry is in a strong position for the 2021-22 season.

The COVID-19 Pandemic “had minimal impact on the snow and ice management industry,” according to Green Industry Pros’ report on the state of the snow removal industry.

However, the labor crisis has impacted industries across the board. Snow removal contractors will continue to see changes in their commercial and retail contracts as businesses close and others go remote.

How Can Snow Contractors Continue to Grow?

The weather is becoming more volatile as global warming takes hold of the climate. This means snow can dump on cities that don’t typically get snow, typical snow cities can see decreases in snowfall, and many other unexpected weather scenarios.

Snow contractors must be prepared for emergency snow removal jobs. This means having contracts agreed upon with clients, possessing the right materials and equipment to get the job done, and having the labor force to keep your communities safe.

Go iLawn InstantEstimator™ helps snow removal contractors prepare for the entire season. It allows contractors to get time and material estimates for their snow removal jobs in real-time, as they measure.

It not only gives you time and material estimates for one job, but produces the Property Intelligence that allows you to plan material purchases, scheduling, and more – for the entire season. It allows you to bid accurately while saving time and reducing expenses to support your growth goals.

Snow Removal by GroundSystems, Inc. in Cincinnati, OH

What do Snow Contractors Say About Go iLawn?

At SIMA, we were able to connect with over 25 of our users who have been measuring and estimating with Go iLawn to grow their companies and keep their communities safe. We didn’t just show them our newest features but got to ask them about how their businesses are doing.

Across the board, our users shared that Go iLawn has helped them save time and increase the number of bids they were able to place throughout the year.

It also allows them to easily re-bid lost jobs the following year, reducing the amount of time needed to produce an estimate and the number of man-hours needed for the sales process.

The time savings and reduced expenses allow snow removal companies to devote more time and resources to their crews to make up for the labor shortages that many are facing.

How Can YOU Continue to Grow Your Snow Removal Business?

Your team can adopt Go iLawn to streamline and systematize your measuring and estimating processes. You can measure and estimate 3 properties for free during your free trial – that’s 3 free chances to win the work you want! One won job with your Go iLawn free trial can cover the cost of your annual subscription. It truly pays for itself.

Did you attend SIMA this year? Let us know what you learned below!

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