How to Use Go iLawn’s All Parcel Tool to Implement a Cluster Marketing Strategy

Do you know how much you spend paying your crews to drive from site to site? If your customers are scattered across your area, you’ll find that you are paying your crews thousands of dollars per year just for time spent on the road. To get the most out of your work and reduce time (and money) spent on driving, aim for Route Density.

What is Route Density?

Route Density is a simple equation, as outlined by NALP.

  • Less time in a vehicle = more time servicing properties = more revenue and profit.

Route Density allows you to service more customers in your average workday by reducing time spent driving.

Take a look at the graphic to the right comparing Company 1, whose customers are spread out across the region, to Company 2, whose customers are concentrated along a single route. You’ll see how the costs add up over a year for just a single crew’s driving time.

But how do you build route density?

How does route density save money for landscaping companies?

Use Go iLawn’s All Parcel Tool to Implement a Cluster Marketing Strategy

You can use Go iLawn to implement a cluster marketing strategy to build route density. If you already have a happy client in one location, you can use Go iLawn’s All Parcel tool to find and market prospects close to your existing customers.

It’s easy!


Use the All Parcel tool to find and evaluate all the prospect properties close to a core customer.


Measure and estimate all the prospect properties and tag them with the name of your marketing campaign. This will let you use Go iLawn Property Intelligence to see how many of the properties you convert to customers and makes it easy to rebid customers later is they don’t buy immediately.

Create a cluster marketing strategy to build route density


Prepare a cover letter or email for the prospect that informs lets them know you service a “core customer” near them. Discuss how you can provide the prospect with exceptional value and service. Let them know you have measured and estimated their property and have attached a color-coded sitemap to the proposal.  Include an image that shows where the prospect’s property is in relation to the core customer you service.  Request a meeting with the prospect to review and inform them of items you found when evaluating their property.


Use Go iLawn’s “V2 Sales Strategy” to conduct a virtual and visual sales meeting. The “Virtual and Visual” strategy lets you confidently show your client the exact measurements of their property. No need to hedge your bid to win profitable work! You’ll have confidence in your measurements, and your prospect will have confidence in the deal you offer and the work you promise to perform.

How can your team benefit from a Cluster Marketing Strategy?

When you serve a cluster of clients in one location, you can save hundreds of man-hours dedicated to driving between locations. Now, your crew can make one trip and service an entire area!

Let your crews do what they do best – service your clients with outstanding landscaping services! With Go iLawn, you’ll be better prepared to serve your clients. And you’ll get on track to grow your business the way you’d like.

Take a chance on success. Sign up for your free trial today!

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