How to Use Snow Removal Sitemaps to Improve Operations and Thrill Customers

Go iLawn Snow Sitemap

Sitemaps are powerful safety, communication, and planning tools for snow contractors. This post will describe best practices for using Go iLawn sitemaps in your business.

Snow Removal Job Plan and Safety Communication

A picture is worth a thousand words. Visual communication can help you overcome misunderstandings and language barriers while allowing you to instantly provide clear instructions and call out potential hazards at a job site.

Sitemaps allow snow contractors to identify and communicate:

  • Safety hazards
  • Instructions
  • Plowing directions
  • Snow pile locations
  • … and more
Go iLawn Sitemaps can include directional arrows, snow pile locations, and service descriptions

Go iLawn’s measuring tools are not just limited to square footage. You can use them to indicate the direction your trucks should work in order to prevent plowing yourself in.

Snow contractors can also use Go iLawn tools to highlight the appropriate location of snow piles on the property. Built-in snow removal services on Go iLawn Snow InstantEstimator allow you to assign plowing and deicing services with just one measurement drawing.

Go iLawn ShareView™: An Easy Way for Snow Contractors to Share Their Sitemaps

Go iLawn Snow Sitemaps are not just sources of snow removal instructions, but a valuable operations tool that can be used for periodic reviews of your practices.

Go iLawn ShareView™ allows you to share an interactive, yet non-editable version of your sitemap with crews, prospects, and customers to ensure everyone understands the job to be done.

Pre-Service Checks: Prepare Your Snow Crew

A ShareView™ link for each project can be sent out to your employees before the snow season for a company-wide review of the upcoming work. This way, you can review the properties together to ensure the crew understands the work and you can discuss any areas of the property that need special attention.

Risk Assessment: Prevent Issues and Accidents

During these reviews, you can also highlight dangers or risks with your Go iLawn sitemap by indicating special notes with bright colors or labels, such as “Do Not Block Dumpster.” This not only ensures your crews are doing the job correctly, but that they are taking special care to keep the client safe and their business operating normally.

Accuracy Evaluation: Be Always Up-To-Date

As time goes on, the properties you service may change – physically or in the requests of your client. Keep your team up-to-date by performing periodic accuracy reviews and updating your sitemaps accordingly. With Go iLawn ShareView™, your shared sitemap will automatically reflect the changes made on the map in your account. It’s a quick and easy way to keep your team aligned and your communities safe!

Put Go iLawn Sitemaps to Work for Your Snow Services Company

Go iLawn, Snow InstantEstimator™, and ShareView™ combine to provide your company with Property Intelligence data that improves both individual jobs and overall company operations.

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