How to Build Route Density with Go iLawn’s All-Parcel Tool

How can Landscape Companies build route density?

Building Route Density is a powerful way to increase your profits and reduce expenses. It means you are strategically acquiring customers within close proximity to each other so that your crews can efficiently service more customers and spend less time behind the wheel.

Why is Route Density Important?

Systematically acquiring customers of the same service type along strategic routes gives you powerful competitive advantages.

Pricing and Profit Advantage

  • Closer jobs save you fuel and time.
  • You can price competitively without sacrificing margin because you can pass the savings onto your customers.
  • Your jobs are more profitable because it costs you less to service them.

Service Advantage

  • Your crews pass customer properties with more frequency.
  • You can be more responsive.
  • Your customers will see you more often.

Marketing Advantage

  • Your brand is viewed more often.
  • Your trucks and people are always in the area.
  • Build and maintain a “Cluster Marketing System” for your company.

How To Build Route Density with Go iLawn

Start building Route Density with Go iLawn in just a few quick steps:

  1. Open a Project Card in Go iLawn for one of your existing customers.
  2. Turn on the “All Parcel” Tool to reveal individual parcels and addresses of other properties.
  3. Locate properties along your crew routes and take note of their addresses.
  4. Measure and Estimate the surrounding properties with new Go iLawn Projects.
  5. Find the prospect’s contact information by Googling or looking it up on the County Auditor’s site.
  6. Deliver your proposal to the prospect and let them know about your excellent service in the area.

That’s it! Go iLawn helps you visualize your current customers and your prospects in relation to each other and allows you to put together proposals and bids for the jobs you want to win – while saving you time and money in the process.

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