How to Use Go iLawn Templates to Systematize Your Measuring Process

Go iLawn Templates for Job Types

Your company offers a select set of services to customers. You might use different combinations of groups and services to perform various tasks for your customers, such as one combination for snow services, a second for spring cleanup services, and another for general maintenance services.

With Go iLawn, you can improve your speed and save money by removing the overhead time spent on setting up your measuring groups with each new project. Use Templates to create your pre-defined groups and services that automatically apply to any new project you create!

What is a Template?

Templates allow you to customize your default groups and services that will appear when you start a new project. Upon Project creation, you can apply one of the Templates on your account.

How do I customize my Job Templates in Go iLawn?

Each template has been pre-designed for you so that they are ready to use as soon as you create your account. However, each one can be customized to your preferences, with changes such as:

  • Fill color, outline color, and opacity of each group
  • Group names
  • Assigned services
  • Measurement units
  • Remove Groups and Services you don’t need
  • Add Custom Groups and Services that are not provided for you by default
  • and more!

What Types of Templates Can I Use in Go iLawn?

Custom Template

The Custom Template is derived from old Go iLawn’s single, customizable template. This is the template created from the groups and services that users had when we released the template feature. For new users that were not with us during the introduction of templates, we’ve defined a set of groups and services to get you started.

Custom Job Templates for Landscapers

General Mowing Template

The General Mowing Template covers the fundamentals of landscape maintenance. Measuring groups are colored using dark outlines and opaque shading that produce high contrast measuring shapes.

It helps you create visual project maps that clearly separate different types of work and make a great impression on the customer.

What kind of services are offered in mowing bids by landscapers?

HOA Template

The HOA template covers many additional services beyond general mowing found in HOA RFPs. Including mulch cultivation, pruning of ornamental grasses, bed fertilization, floral displays, and more.

This will help you to produce accurate estimates for one of the most challenging property types in the landscape industry.

How do landscapers estimate for an HOA RFP?

Go iLawn InstantEstimator™ Template

The InstantEstimator Template consists of prepackaged groups and services pulling from years of expertise in the field to help you bid, measure, estimate, and win more jobs faster than you ever have before.

You and/or your team have collected and assembled the groups and services associated with this template over time. You can mix and match groups and services from other templates here, or continue to add (or remove) new ones as needed.

Snow Removal Template

The Snow Removal Template was designed for more than just measuring and estimating a snow job quickly. It helps you create a dynamic sitemap that shows your crews what direction to push the snow.

Use it to make impressive sales presentations, by revealing each group one at a time. This lets you show the customer how each service contributes to a comprehensive snow plan that helps their property safe and accessible this winter.

How to measure and estimate a Snow Removal Job online

How do I use Go iLawn Templates?

Any user on the account can apply templates to new projects by simply selecting one from the drop-down list when the new project is created.

Admins of multi-user accounts have the privileges of adjusting the global account settings, which includes edits on the Templates. Visit the Account Screen to view the default templates, make changes, deletions, or additions as necessary, and set a default template for new projects.

How does your team use Templates in Go iLawn?

Let us know in the comments!

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