Happy Holidays from Go iLawn!

Happy Holidays from Go iLawn!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! To wrap up 2021, we’d like to share a holiday-themed post to show off our high-resolution aerial imagery in a new, fun way.

Let’s Have a Ball in 2022!

Do you watch the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square? We do!

In this post, we use Go iLawn to show you a different perspective of the Times Square NYE celebration. We promise you’ll never look at it the same!

The Times Square Ball

An iconic part of the NYE celebration is the Times Square Ball. Weighing in at 11,875 pounds and featuring 32,256 LED lights, The Ball is visible year-round from ground level in Times Square.

You may be surprised to know that it can be spotted with Go iLawn’s high-resolution aerial imagery. Can you identify The Ball in the next image?

Having trouble? Let’s zoom in on the same image to see a more detailed view.

Speaking of The Ball, did you know it is a whopping 12 feet in diameter? We can use Go iLawn to confirm its size.

With the Line Distance measuring tool, we can measure the distance from one side of The Ball to the other, verifying the accuracy of Go iLawn’s measuring tools and the astonishing size of the famous countdown ball.

Happy New Year!

So while you watch the ball drop on New Year’s Eve, consider these shots from Go iLawn to truly understand the scale of the celebrations. Keep in mind all the fun facts we’ve shared about The Times Square Ball!

NYE in Times Square 2020

We have big things planned in 2022, and thank you for sticking with Go iLawn for yet another year! If you aren’t using Go iLawn yet, consider getting a jump-start on your 2022 goals with a 14-Day Free Trial!